To whom it may concern,

In 2006, HomeEditions completed an extensive three storey addition and renovation of our 1930’s home, basically doubling the size of our home including the installation of a new kitchen and two new bathrooms. This was our first experience renovating our home, and after watching hours of HGTV, leafing through pages of Home décor magazines, and talking with friends and neighbours, we were convinced that our project would not go smoothly, and would ultimately take longer than expected and go over budget! We were told that to get great work, we would have to accept that dealing with contractors would be challenging and that it would take more time and money. Thanks to Dennis and the team at

HomeEditions, none of this happened. Not only did the resulting renovation exceed our expectations, the process was smooth and seamless, and we finished exactly on time and on budget.

Obviously the quality of a contractor/builder’s work is extremely important; however to me this is a basic expectation. What impressed us, and what I think truly sets HomeEditions apart were how easy they were to deal with and how well they managed us. The service they provided was exceptional.

People that come to our home rave about our renovation, and I rave about HomeEditions!
Leslie Carter & John Skain