Home Edition Ltd.:  Sponsorship as Renovator of the Year, 2008
Sponsor:  Curtis and Kathy Caldwell, homeowner client

            It is our privilege to sponsor Home Editions Ltd for the Renovator of the Year Award for 2008.  It is our heartfelt conviction that Dennis Benoit and his associates at Home Editions would be well-deserved recipients of this award.   We had an extremely positive experience with our major renovation and consequently, have encouraged friends to pursue home renovations, particularly with Home Editions.  

In 2005, we realized that our cozy, 1100 ft2, North Toronto home was getting too small for our growing family.  Reluctant to leave this wonderful neighbourhood, we viewed houses for sale in the vicinity, but were unable to find one that suited our needs.  We decided to undertake a major renovation to increase our existing house to 2000 ft2 and create a home to fit our lifestyle.    Of course, every friend, neighbour, and casual acquaintance recited the worst renovation story they knew of”…months behind schedule!”; “… more than 50% over budget!”; “…disaster from start to finish.” At first, we were unsure whether we would find a renovation company with integrity, professionalism, and one which could deliver a quality job on schedule.

Home Editions
was such a company.  In the owner, Mr. Dennis Benoit, we recognized a professional whom we could trust.  His comprehensive knowledge of the field of renovation, his honesty, understanding, and empathy were all apparent from our initial discussions. Since many homeowners have neither the knowledge of Mike Holmes nor the time to oversee every facet of a home renovation, one needs to trust that the selected renovator will make quality, cost-effective decisions on the homeowners’ behalf, consulting and advising the client when necessary.  By taking the time to understand their clients’ unique needs, goals, and priorities, Home Editions partners with their clients, fostering that trust during this major event in their clients’ lives.      

Dennis Benoit, Anne Lorenz and Alan Matson have surrounded themselves with a team of professional trades people who work with Home Editions on every project.  Having a consistent group of professionals who work together on multiple projects enables an efficient and harmonious building process.  Team work is critical for keeping a major renovation on cost and on schedule, and stress-free.

We were not unique in our experience.  Contacting previous Home Editions clients, all were extremely satisfied and could not voice a single negative issue about their renovations even when pressed.  Furthermore, all stated that their projects came in “on-schedule and on-budget”;   quite a remarkable record for any renovator!  Home Editions is an effectively managed company with an impeccable reputation.

            When we started to look for a renovator, we did so with great apprehension, given the renovation horror stories which everyone seems to have. After our experience with Home Editions, our faith in the home renovation industry is restored: we now have first-hand evidence that there are renovators of ability and integrity who take pride in their profession.  For this and many other reasons, we are delighted to be able to recommend “Home Editions” for the “Renovator of the Year Award”.