November 6, 2008

Re: Letter of Reference for Dennis Benoit and the Home Editions Ltd team and their work on 86 Woodside Ave, Toronto.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to give my highest recommendation to Dennis and his team.

I first met Dennis at the Toronto Home Show about 5 years before work started on our house. At the time, we were thinking of putting on a one floor addition to our home. He was by far the most professional and honest contractor that we asked to give us a quote. His designs were very good, his quote fair and he impressed me with his punctuality.

We were just about to start a family and figured that one floor would not be enough. We decided to give it a few years to see where the future took us. By the time our third child was on the way we had decided that this would become a more permanent home and a much larger addition was required. Dennis was the first person to come to mind.

Once again, the same aspects of his demeanor that had impressed us 5 years earlier continued to show.

We rented a house for the duration of the work. The house was close enough for us to be able to keep an eye on the work as it progressed. Dennis was continually involved in all aspects of the construction and always responded to questions quickly. The worksite was kept neat and tidy with minimal disruption to our neighbors. We were able to make some changes along the way as either we or Dennis found places to improve upon.

The construction was completed on time, on budget and the final product speaks for itself. Everyone that has seen the home is impressed with the work. We have even had complete strangers stop us on the street to remark about the house.

As a last note, it is my opinion that you can tell a lot about an employer by the way his/her employees talk about him when he is not around. Every single one of Dennis' employees and subcontractors had good things to say about him. In fact, many said that Dennis was the best employer that they had ever had. That kind of loyalty leads these people to do the best job they can. Many of these people went the extra mile to please us.

I am happy to give my highest recommendation to Dennis and Home Editions Ltd.